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Core Values


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Learning Centers

Our teachers are trained to set up their classrooms in multiple learning centers tailored to meet your child’s needs in the following areas: dramatic play, art center, science and math, manipulatives, writing, library, blocks, and computer centers. Our teachers’ ultimate goal is to prepare students to strive for academic excellence. Your children are given the opportunity to explore and develop learning skills needed for a good foundation and a solid future.

Reading/Writing Table

• Pre-Reading • Pre-Writing • Eye/Hand Coordination • Fine Motor Skills • Expressive Language • Creativity • Skill Mastery


Autonomy • Functioning in a group • Spatial Relationship • Visual Perception • Divergent Thinking • Problem-Solving


Cooperation • Function in a Group • Spatial Awareness and Organization • Fine Motor Skills • Skill Mastery • Concept Development


Increased self-esteem • Visual Perception • Fine Motor Skills • Problem Solving


Autonomy • Visual Discrimination • Fine Motor Skills • Creativity • Spatial Awareness


Self Control • Social Interaction • Visual Discrimination • Fine Motor Skills • Reading Readiness • Receptive and Expressive Language


Increase self-esteem • Autonomy • Visual Discrimination • Fine Motor Skills • Exploring Environment • Thinking

Dramatic Play

Pro-Social Behavior • Participation • Fine and Gross Motor Skills • Communication • Role Modeling

Sand/Water Table

Social Interaction • Pro-Social Behavior • Fine Motor Skills • Concept Development • Skill Mastery • Exploring Environment




During this class the children will be introduced to science experiments which will spark their curiosity and encourage them to ask questions and process how things happen and learn how to find the answers. “Curiosity is natural to children, but they need help understanding how to make sense of what they see and to realize that science is in our daily lives.”


Music & Movement

Children naturally love music! Whether it’s soft and soothing or a lively tune, children can feel it both physically and emotionally. During this class the children will enjoy learning different music and movement activities that promote muscle growth, build social skills, gross / motor, and coordination skills. Creativity and imagination will help your child explore cause and effect, improve balance and coordination and rhythm through dance and movement activities.



Children under the age of five are naturally efficient language learners with a great capacity to learn and decipher different languages. This is why we feel it is the best opportunity to teach Spanish to our students. The children will be introduced to Spanish learning activities through music, visual aids, and games.



Reading is one of the most important skills a child needs to have for a successful education and to prepare them for the future. During this class, the children will read different stories through puppets, flannel board and a number of props to enhance the stories. The children will also learn the different roles authors and illustrators partake in each storybook. Learning this helps develop reading skills that are needed to prepare children academically.


Sign Language

Learning a second language is fun and has many developmental benefits. Sign Language is good for children that are visual, spatial, or tactile learners. Learning a second language raises your child’s IQ. “One in ten Americans have some degree of hearing loss. A child knowing just a few signs can make the difference to help and interact with a hearing impaired person.”



Tammy Cross started her career teaching Early Childhood Education in 1980. She earned two Associate Certificates in Early Childhood, one through the Council of Recognition in Early Child Development and the other through Concordia University in Early Childhood of Lutheran Teaching. She currently holds over 450 certificates of training classes and seminars in administration, human resources and early childhood development. Tammy has been in administration since 2004. She is known for taking a small preschool of 42 students to a preschool of 250 students with a wait list of 145 students.

Tammy opened Crossroads Academy in 2011. Her philosophy at Crossroads is to use the highest, most effective, teaching techniques which are accomplished through structured play, learning centers and accountability.  We are proud to say she received an award by Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Las Vegas City Council on May 26, 2016 for her dedication to early childhood education.

Tammy's passion in life is bringing the awareness of early childhood and the importance of developmental skills to parents so they may set their children up for success. Studies prove, if children do not learn specific skills from birth to 5 years old, they may never be able to develop those skills to its full potential. Tammy feels we need to introduce children to as much information as possible to plant the seeds of asking questions so they can discover and develop their problem solving skills.

Tammy's goal in life is to prepare children for the future. She is proud to say Crossroads Academy's reputation speaks loudly and that we have been very successful at accomplishing this goal.


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